Norethandrolone has 4 esters, one of them being Isohexanoate and Caproate. The difference between Omandren and Sustanon is that they all have 4 esters each but the last of each is the Caproate and the decanoate ester respectively. The effect of taking testosterone-based steroids for bodybuilding is based on the different esters in the specific steroids. While they may be based on the testosterone hormone, none of them may be having similar effects because of the different constituents of the steroids. The effects also depend on how much of the steroid you have in your system and the percentages of each ester in the steroids.

It is recommended that you inject Omnandren in your system at least once in a day to keep the peak levels of the steroids in your system high. Since omnadren has a lot more of Caproate than Sustanon concentration, it will have a lot more effects on the user since the testosterone levels will kick in faster than other kinds of testosterone based steroids. This will mean a lot more energy for your muscles which will lead to faster building of muscles.

Norethandrolone aromatizes faster than any other steroids that is testosterone-based. This means that the more and the longer you have it in your system, the more the hormone estrogen you will have in your system. This is not good news for male users of this steroid as this means you will develop female characteristics like breast formation. These effects are permanent and will require surgical removal of the breasts from your body. The other side effect is the water retention which inhibits the formation of muscles. With water retention you will become more tired and this will affect the size of the muscles. For this reason, this is the steroid used for muscle building alone and not recommended for those who want to lose fat from their bodies. Still it is a steroid that requires a lot of effort on your part and one cannot forget about the rule of dieting and exercising when on this steroid. Only with diet and exercise will you supply the muscles with the much needed energy to develop and become bigger. As the muscles grow, demand to feed the muscles also grows. Make sure you have fed them well by increasing the portions of energy giving foods you eat. To prevent the side effects that are associated with aromatization, use omnadren alongside anti-estrogen steroids.

Aside from the estrogen side effects, there are side effects like acne, body and facial hair and aggressiveness. The side effects of aggressiveness cannot be said to be bad, only that they have to be channeled towards the right direction. Users should expect to start losing their hairlines sooner than expected, especially those who have balding in their genes. Omnadren is used for 12 to 16 weeks and takes long for the effects to be felt in the body. Many users use other fast acting drugs alongside omnadren until the effects of omnadren are felt in a month.

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